Austin has only one drive-in movie theater, and like most drive-in’s it’s outdated and lacking personality. Blue Starlite Theater in Austin has little-to-no brand awareness and nothing that makes it stand out in the modern-day tech city of Austin, Texas.


Showtime Pizza Theater put’s a modern twist on an American pastime. Taking advantage of today's technology, Showtime will bring a new, fun, and user-friendly experience to the drive-in movie theater. This will be accomplished through the use of a mobile app that allows you to order pizza, purchase tickets to a movie and even reserve parking spots all in one place.


Here are some samples of my process creating the UI Icons for the Showtime app. I created five sets of icons, selected the best set, and finally refined and refined again until I came up with an icon set that worked with the new brand.


The Showtime App is designed to enable the user to do three important things; buy movie tickets, buy or customize their own pizza, and reserve parking spots for the movie. The apps UI/UX is designed to let the customer make choices as well as to change those choices in a streamlined and user-friendly manner.


The website and app are designed to do the exact same thing. Everything you can do on the app can be done on the website. Since not everyone has access to a smartphone or to apps, the website must cater to those individuals just as easily as the app would.