The goal was to design a modern pop up shop that was ran and operated in a college community, and was to include a full brand, website, and purchasing functionality on the web.


Zen Sushi is a sushi pop up shop that caters to college students and their campuses. The pop-up shop would have multiple locations around each campus, which allow for easy access to their sushi. Students can either go to a physical location to order food, or they can use the app/website to purchase food for pickup or delivery.

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The website for Zen Sushi is designed to give information to anyone interested in the company, as well as to allow customers to make online orders. Once ordered the sushi can either be picked up from any location specified by the user or delivered directly to the customer. The website also has a function that enables the user to find out if there are locations on their campus, and if not, they can put in a request for Zen Sushi to come to their school.